Basics of dog training

Basics of dog training 

Whether you have a great ambition with your dog, or it will be enough, if at least a little sensible agreement with him, in any case, you need to start training from the ground up. Among the primary and obviously the most important instructions are the generally known: sit down, lie down, stay and join me. We can say that with these commands you can even quite enough, and if the dog can handle well, you will not have a problem with him to live in harmony and calm.

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The training of the dog should not participate more people, but only one family member. The training itself has a huge impact education dog, so it is necessary to educate the dog from the beginning to obedience, to be able later to handle simple and even more complex commands. In the actual training of commands it is necessary to make sure that we use the same expressions and the same intonation of voice. Each exercise with a dog should not last continuously for more than 5 minutes, then it is necessary to give each other a break. Before starting training is always good to walk the dog, so that it does not distract. We will reward the dog for good results in training with voice praise and also with crap, which is what instills him much better than if we punished him. We can praise stroking, words (it is necessary to be happy intonation to the dog to know,

The sooner you start training and training a dog , the more you will achieve really good results. Puppies are of course much more malleable than old dogs and a big difference is also in the time and effort that you need to put into training. However, if you choose good training methods, you can teach the old dog new pieces.

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