How to take care of a dog?

Dogs are adorable. But so are people who keep dogs as pets and tend to them. Because taking care of a dog is no child’s play! You have to take care of your furry friend just like you would tend to your child. So if you’re planning to get a pup home, you have to be prepared for the commitment too. But don’t worry, we have a few tips that will help you understand how to take care of them:

Find a reliable vet:
This is the first step you should be taking. Your dog needs a good doctor, one whom you can rush to in case of any emergencies. Make sure you test your vet on the basis of their knowledge and the way he/she interact with your dog.

Keep ample of water within his reach:
Dogs keep running around and then get exhausted and dehydrated. Ensure they have their own big bowl of water, from which they can lap up as much as they want and quench their thirst. And keep refilling the container at all times.

Vaccinate him:
You should vaccinate your dog even before you get him home. And even after that, don’t miss the vaccination schedule and ensure he gets his protection against probable diseases.


Feed him properly:
You need to include all kinds of food in your dog’s diet to make sure he gets all the required nutrients to keep him healthy. Talk to your vet and formulate a diet plan for your dog and stick to it. And ensure you don’t give him a lot of treats. And exercise control so that his weight remains under control.

Keep him and his environment:
Dogs are prone to ticks and all kinds of skin infections. So always keep them clean. If he stepped into a puddle on his walk, make sure you clean his paws the moment you get home. Also, bathe him regularly and brush his fur to keep him off ticks.

Groom him well:
Apart from their hair, your dog’s nails and teeth need attention too. Trim the nails often and keep his teeth clean at all times. The breaking of over-grown nails can be really painful for your dog, so take special care.

Get him to follow commands and exercise:
You need to keep communicating with your dog to make sure he understands everything you say. Come up with innovative games to make him prompt and agile. Also, even if he has a lazy day, take him out for his walk as usual. Exercise is essential to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Consider inserting an ID chip:
In case your dog gets left behind somewhere accidentally, you don’t want to become miserable because you aren’t able to find him. Inserting a chip in your dog can help you track him in case he gets lost.

Opt for birth control:
If breeding is not your reason to get a pet, get him neutralised. And in case of breeding, talk to the vet and get his opinion about the consequences. Dogs are susceptible to many kinds of infections and cancers, so get to know all the details from vets. Make an informed decision weighing the pros and cons.

Fun tip: Give him a whacky name!
This will need you to give some serious thought even before getting your pup home! Give him a lovely and unique name!

A pet is like an additional member in your family, so make sure you take care of it in that way. And though animals are expressive, they cannot speak. So make sure you take care of all their needs.

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